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Seanchai: a traditional Irish storyteller and historian. Seanachai is an American spelling of the word.

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Podfic information for authors:
Blanket Statement at Fanlore, for info about Blanket Statements (also known as Transformative Works Policies).
A note to authors who are not podfic fans by [personal profile] sophinisba, for authors who are ok with podfic but not interested in listening themselves.
I want 15 minutes of your time by [personal profile] akamine_chan, for thoughts and links on making your own Transformative Works Policy.

My transformative works policy:
I'm a-okay with repods. The more podfic the merrier!
Please don't archive my podfic anywhere without my permission.
If you're interested in remixing any of my podfic, please ask first. I'm very pro-transformative works, but this is my voice here, so I'd just like to know what you have in mind before I give the ok.
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